Volunteer Fire Department


The Freedom Fire Dept is a private company with it's own Board of Directors and is comprised entirely of volunteers.  The Town of Freedom contracts with the Freedom Fire Department for fire protection.

Board of Directors
Steve Garvey--President
Mark Green--Fire Chief

In December of 1955, Nic Liesch's tavern burned to the ground. Five area fire departments responded to the call but could not save the tavern. Freedom had stock in the Seymour fire truck at the time.

Following the fire, a group of people organized to form a fire department. The group headed by Ed Vandenberg, included Web Haberland, Jack Renkins, Harold Vandenberg, Weldon Huss, Art Coffey, Art Hooyman, Orlo Maulick, Marvin Murphy, Henry Spierings, Clark Sievert and Ted Bernetzke.


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