We are aware of some deficiencies involving the roadwork on Golden Glow Road and McHugh Road. They are being addressed by the contractor. Golden Glow Road repairs should be complete very soon and McHugh road will not happen until next Spring.

Local Clubs and Organizations

Local Clubs and Organizations

FFA Alumni
Rachel Peterson
(920) 759-1467

Freedom Alumni
Pat Bacon
(920) 419-6845

Freedom Area Boy Scouts
Chris Eckes
(920) 784-6158

Freedom Area Girl Scouts
Lori Lemerand
(920) 687-0845

Freedom Athletic Association
Adam Eggert
(920) 268-7071

Freedom Business Association
Bob Van Eperen     (920) 687-1551
Jim VerVoort     (920) 687-2250

Freedom Area 4H
Smile Awhile 4H
Kathleen Sprangers

On The Go 4H
Robin Kettner
(920) 851-5116

Freedom Food Pantry
Chad Kortz
(920) 740-2753

 Freedom Historical Society 
 Kenneth Vandenberg   
 (920) 423-3036

 Freedom Lion's Club 
 Dan Vosters
 (920) 850-9954

Freedom Trail Blazers  
Larry Oudenhoven           

Freedom Wrestling
Dick Vosters         
(920) 788-4738

Knights of Columbus
Wayne Klarner     
(920) 739-9236

VFW Auxiliary 
Judy Smits

Rob Bonack
(920) 540-6700