The Town office will be CLOSED Thursday 2/22 & Tuesday 2/27.

Property Info & Maps

Notice of Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The Town of Freedom Plan Commission will conduct a Public Hearing at the Town Hall on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 5:30p.m. to hear comment from the public in support or objective to the proposed ordinance to adopt the Recommended Town of Freedom Comprehensive Plan 2020-2040.

The Comprehrensive Plan is a compilation of goals, objectives, policies, maps, programs and recommendations that will help guide the Town over the next 20-year planning period. 

All persons wishing to be heard in support or objecting to the changes to the Town of Freedom Comprehensive Plan are requested to be present at this Public Hearing.

Below are the Town of Freedom Comprehensive Plan 2020-2040 and Future Land Use Map:

Draft Town of Freedom Comprehensive Plan 2020-2040

 Comp Plan Cover Page

Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map shows future planned land uses for the Town as adopted in the Comprehensive Plan.  The map includeds periodic updates as amendments are approved by the Town Board. 

Official Town Map

The Official Street Map contains the official streets and street names for the Town of Freedom.

Outagamie County Mapping/GIS

Outagamie County maintains the latest mapping information for the Town of Freedom.  A variety of maps and tools are available through the County including information on the following: property/tax information, floodplains, PLSS, boundaries, air photos, forclosure information, election information and more.