Town Board

Charles Kramer
(920)788-4548, ext. 305

Brandon Conrad
(920)788-4548, ext. 301
Dave Rickert
Jason Vanden Berg
Kevin Schuh

The Freedom Town Board consists of five (5) members who are elected at large.   Their term of office is for two (2) years and are staggered so that not all Board member's terms expire at the same time. The Chairman and Supervisors 1 & 3 are elected in odd numbered years and Supervisors 2 & 4 are elected in even numbered years. The current Town of Freedom Board is as follows:

Charles Kramer

#1  Brandon Conrad
#2  Dave Rickert
#3  Jason Vanden Berg
#4  Kevin Schuh

All Board members have mailboxes located at the Freedom Town Hall.  Mail may be sent to any board member's attention to:

                       Freedom Town Hall                         
                       W2004 County High S
                       PO Box 1007
                       Freedom, WI 54131

You may also call (920) 788-4548 or email the Town
to leave a message or for more information.