We are aware of some deficiencies involving the roadwork on Golden Glow Road and McHugh Road. They are being addressed by the contractor. Golden Glow Road repairs should be complete very soon and McHugh road will not happen until next Spring.

Rickert Park

Rickert Park is named for Joseph Rickert, a former Town Clerk and is located on McHugh Rd.   Rickert served as Town Board Supervisor from 1937 to 1938 and Town Clerk from 1944 to 1985.  This park contains open space with a small backstop for baseball and softball, assorted playground equipment, restroom, and a parking lot. This park is a great place for neighborhood children to play.   In 2008 the Ron Weyers Family Foundation built the Freedom Historical Society building in Rickert Park.  This building was then donated to the Town of Freedom.  The building has a small patio and restroom for park visitors to use.

Dogs are not allowed in the park - only service dogs!